Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inside Etsy Interviews Memento!

I have tried to blog every week and so far so good. I did miss Memento's Tuesday Treasury yesterday but I wanted to share with everyone a great blog that showcases Etsy Shops, Inside Etsy. Today I was the shop that was featured. You can see Inside Etsy article here. Melinda is a wonderful lady and I enjoyed answering her questions and reflecting on how far my business has grown in 3 years.

Some of the new and exciting things in the works for Memento are PRIVATE LABEL aprons! I am so excited it has been in the works for a while and it is finally happening. It will still be a few more weeks before I have them. Yesterday two sample aprons came with my logo and website label and my slogan Monograms Make it Personal. They also have my new logo which you can see in Memento's Etsy Shop and in the button on my blog. My website and my blog are going to be updated soon. The website I had paid a designer and we had it half finished and half paid.... but then no more answers to my emails. That was frustrating and disappointing. Thankfully we had it built on a different domain so my current website was still working. I cannot wait for the new website to be finished. I have just found and started with a new designer. My husband is actually doing all the back and forth since I am the creator girl. If it was left to me it would never make it off my list. I am glad that I have a consistent flow of orders but that keeps me hopping! I am excited to have my logo, silhouette mom in her snazzy apron with her little girl and boy...did you realize it was made for me and it is me and my 2 children? I just love it and can’t wait for all my online hot spots to match! I am an organized gal and it really bothers me. That is the what is happening update that is long overdue. Thanks for all your interest in Memento and for all the great word of mouth advertising that my customer's bring me.

Tare Care!


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shannon said...

What a great interview, congrats for being featured! I remember when you first started getting the market totes on group buys.. :) Best of luck in the future!
--Shannon @ Sugar Plum Delights