Thursday, August 5, 2010

Memento's Etsy Feature Friday

I’m very excited to share with you one of my favorite Etsy Shops in Memento’s Etsy Feature Friday. I had trouble deciding which shop to write about first. I have had a list running in my head that I wanted to share I just haven’t had the time or chance to do it. To start I had to make an excel spreadsheet with all the shops that I want to feature. Then I had to categorize them and narrow down my first choice. I now I am very AR. I like to be organized and make lists. This way I can keep track of when and who I featured and what type of shop. Before I reveal the shop I thought I would answer why I am doing this. There are so many amazing artists that make all kinds of things on Etsy. All you need on a desert island is a laptop, internet and Etsy! Well maybe a credit card and UPS to deliver your great finds. I want to use the Memento's Etsy Feature Fridayas a way to showcase shops that for the most part don’t have huge sales volume and have items that might be different than what everyone else has. If I think a shop is neat maybe others will too.

Drum roll Please…

Memento’s Etsy Feature Friday Shop is Alynn The Design

Alynn The Design creates one of a kind custom name art. She is so very talented and her designs are amazing. When I received the name art for Liberty and Maverick I was blown away. I told Alynn I would write about her on my blog and I apologize that it has been 2 years. I told Alynn things that I wanted for each of their names and she created the most perfect piece of art.

Liberty’s has some princess and dress up. As a 4.5 year old she loves dress up. I also wanted some American and Liberty parts to it. Notice the Liberty bell in the letter e? I love it. I put it in a 8 X 10 frame and it sits on a bookshelf in her room.

Maverick's has airplanes which at the time we didn’t know what he would be into and at 9 months old he could spot an airplane. He is 2 now and loves them. The theme was perfect with some American, Airplane, and Camo. The pictures are beautiful but when you see them in person they are truly a piece of Art. They also have a birthday cake on one of the letters with their birth years. If you look closely it looks like I had a very short pregnancy with Maverick and Liberty both being born in 2005. I sent Alynn the wrong date for Maverick.

From Alynn The Design’s Shop:

Welcome to my online store! I'm Alynn Johnson and in my shop you'll find that creativity truly is all-in the design!

I love a creative project and have done a number of different things for Etsy customers, including illustrations, fliers, stationery, and custom art work!

I specialize in creating one of a kind name art that is as unique as the individual behind the name! Not every name is unique, but I can guarantee your name art will be! This is a wonderful and affordable gift for a child, the new baby, a teacher, your stylist, the boss, your niece or nephew, your best friend…etc!!! All names and/or words are made to order. Each piece is uniquely created and two are never exactly the same. Theme ideas are unlimited!!

Basically, you name it, I'll design it!

Please check out Alynn The Design  to see more of the amazing designs that Alynn has created. I hope you have enjoyed discovering a talented artist from one of the many creative shops Etsy has to discover.



The Insatiable Host said...

Hi! Congrats on being the commenter of the week from SITS! I really love the layout of your blog too!!! anything ETSY is great by me! Have a wonderful weekend.


Diana said...

Congratulations on being the SITS commenter of the week! *woot*

Love the Alynn The Design feature, what great artistry she has!

And hey, your monogram shop on Etsy is awesome, too! Cute goodies!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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