Monday, August 2, 2010

I will blog more campaign 2010

I will not start this post with sorry, or that I have been MIA. Or say I will try to do better. Instead I will just make a commitment to weekly blog features that should do the trick right? I love that I have my blog and I feel that I have lots of great things I want to share with y’all so here goes. The new and improved I will blog more campaign 2010!

There are lots of great new and exciting things coming for Memento and this poor lonely neglected blog. Here are some of my new ideas and features that I am going to start on a *regular* basis. I have been collecting a list of Etsy shops that I want to feature and I am going to start two weekly features. One will be Memento’s Etsy Treasury Tuesday. I will post a treasury and comment about why I picked that treasury. If you are not aware of what an Etsy Treasury is they are a selection of items typically with a theme that might be by subject, color or style. On the Etsy front page there is always a treasury but if you click on see more you can see lots of treasuries that are member picked showcases of products. There is a search at the top right and you can search a theme or color for the treasuries. Check back tomorrow for the start of Memento’s Etsy Treasury Tuesday. My next feature will be to spotlight a shop every Friday with Etsy Feature Friday. To start I am going to share some of my favorite shops. I will change the type of shops that I showcase so it won’t be the same types of items every week. If you are interested in having your shop showcased please send an email . This Friday's Etsy Shop will be one of my favorite shops….hmmm which one to pick. For those of you that know me I love the beach and the color blue maybe something with these in mind. Or personalized items. There are so many great Etsy artist it will be hard to choose who will be the first for Memento’s Etsy Friday Feature.

Beautiful Bride with her Bridesmaids in Monogram Spa Wraps

I have had a busy summer with bride and bridesmaids gifts. Here is a beautiful photo that Brittany sent me of her and her bridesmaids wearing velour spa wraps with their monogram in hot pink. The spa and the ladies look so classy and beautiful. Thank you Brittany for sharing the photo and that Memento could be part of your special day.

Coming Up
Memento has had the opportunity to be part of some great PR lately. Thank you too all of those that have help spread the word about Memento’s Personalized and Monogrammed Gifts. I will let you in on more of it in the next few weeks. There will also be 2 giveaways coming in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned….See now I have to blog more I have set everything up & don’t want to keep y’all hanging.

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Melissa Miller said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging Terri!

Thank you for coming by and checking out our new little trees. Enjoy the rest of the summer! ~Melissa