Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random ~ Update, Some Blogs to follow, New Designs, & Cookies

Thank you all for the great comments and emails about my adventure this past week. I will give you a little update. Today is Sunday and since Tuesday (my dental apt.) I have flossed daily, brushed my teeth twice a day with my new Oral B electric toothbrush and used the Crest Pro Health mouthwash. I also switched toothpastes. My whole life, or at least the majority of my 33 years I have used Close Up. It is a cinnamon flavored toothpaste. Most people probably have never heard of it! I am not a mint flavor girl and prefer the cinnamon taste. Whenever I tried others I felt like my breath wasn't as fresh come morning. When I was at Target getting my new dental regime arsenal I saw there were at least 5 kinds of Crest, Colgate and Aqua fresh toothpastes but only one type of Close Up. It made me think maybe I should give up my cinnamon toothpaste and go for a 12 hour minty brand. So far so good. I will let you all known the results of my new system once I see the dentist again in 4 months.

I enjoying writing my blog and I try to dedicate time to it. I also enjoy reading and commenting on lots of great blogs written by some very talented women.

A dear friend of mine, Emily has recently created her blog, Emily Hagerman Design. She is a very talented woman and I highly recommend you follow her blog to learn more about her amazing design skills. You can see some before and after photos of a house renovation and some great insight into the world of designing and redesigning.

A different Em from Life Liberty and the pursuit... has a great post on her blog right now about healthcare. I have had a post for my blog in the works but it is still in the works. It seems to get fueled when I get frustrated or fired up about the direction we are going right now. So check hers out and stay tuned from my take on why a socialized health care system is not the best option.

I found Em from SITS (The Secret is in the Sauce) if you blog or are looking for some great blogs to follow then SITS is the place to look. This amazing Sitstahood of women is a group of bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments.

Another blogger that I discovered is Melissa's Heart & Home. Melissa shares some of the neatest home decor items and where she finds them so we can all try to make our house as pretty. She is very sweet and I enjoy checking in to see what she has discovered.

Did I did warn you that this post was random? I did a market tote this week in a design that previously I had only done on a cosmetic bag. It turned out amazing. I love it when my customers bring me an idea. Thank you Shannon for a great idea. One of my best selling items is the Mommy and Me apron sets. I received this great idea from a customer also. Thank you Kim Marie for starting a great gift item for mommies and their daughters.

Speaking of little kitchen helpers. I made cooked with Liberty my 3 1/2 year old. It is not the first time we have baked together however it is the first time that she stayed and baked the whole recipe. Of course there was more of a mess on the counter but for the most part 90% of the ingredients made it into the bowl. She did dip her fingers in the measuring cups of brown sugar, white sugar, butter and flour, not to mention he chocolate chips. It’s a good thing the cookies were for us only and not to be shared with the masses. We would have some quality control issues. We had a great time and it was fun to bake with my little helper. We made Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. If anyone has an amazing recipe for THICK CHEWY oatmeal chocolate chip cookies PLEASE share it with me. I have tried and searched for so many. I am looking for a thick chewy bite down into it type of cookie. Not a flat one. Speaking of recipes I have a great recipe book for baking that has an amazing pecan cookie recipe that I am in the works of asking the author if I can share her recipe and plug her book. So stay tuned for that too.

Okay I think I should sign off for now but I really do have lots more I could share... but I will save it for another day! Thanks for stopping by.


designergirl said...

Terri, thank you so much for the "shout out"! I really enjoyed today's blog it had lot's of really great info and ideas. Keep up the awesome work both on your blog and Memento!
Cheers, Emily

Audrey said...

Love the market bag!! I have a really great chocolate chip cookies recipe, but it doesn't have oatmeal.

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

such fun stuff! :)

Stopped in from SITS!

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you so much for the kind words about me and nmy blog Terri! I really enjoy yours as well my friend. You're a sweetheart!

Sounds great about your regime. I hope it goes well for you. :)

Brunch at Saks said...

Thanks for all of the blog suggestions! I will definitely have to check these lovely ladies out! :) XOXO

P.S. Love the photos in this post!

bj said...

Hi, just came by to wish you a happy Wednesday..I'm over from SITS..come to see me sometime.
I love that market bag!!
xo bj

mommy4life said...

Those apron sets are adorable! I like the market bag too! you have some adorable stuff! Thanks for stopping by yesterday to make my featured SITS day special!

Amanda said...

I love the aprons. How big is the little girl one? My daughter is turning 6 soon, but she is probably the height of an 8 yo (tall and skinny). Will the apron be too short/small for her?

Ronnica said...

I'm not a fan of mint either, but I use Colgate Total plus whiting and that's it's more of a mellow than an edgy mint.

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you for the sweet B-day wishes! I really appreciate you coming by and entering as well.